Research and economic analysis to inform public policy and investment strategy for a think-tank based in the Middle East


Nova Economics was contracted by a think-tank based in the Middle East to provide economic research and policy analysis across a number of pre-identified themes. The client was assisting a national government ministry to prepare for an upcoming policy and strategy session. The purpose was to conduct research and insight into some of the key trends influencing global and regional economic development, to highlight investment opportunity areas and to provide actionable recommendations.  We also compiled questions to facilitate further discussion on some of the identified policy issues.

Our approach

  • We followed an outside-in approach. We began by providing an overview of the opportunity or challenge in question and its relevance to the client. We then provided an overview of the key drivers and/or recent trends based on analysis or relevant data and research.      provided an analysis of recent trends, technological advances, challenges, and opportunities.
  • We provided an overview of the current landscape within the countries of interest in the Middle East.
  • We then evaluated the potential opportunities or policy solutions from the perspective of the client and provided insights and recommendations referencing case studies of the firms or countries that had success in pursuing similar investment strategies or policy initiatives.


The analysis and recommendations were packaged into presentations and were used to facilitate discussion at a national policy and strategy workshop.

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